200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga is an ancient practice that helps a person to maintain the required balance between the soul-mind and body. It is an ideal way to attain strength as well as flexibility and is known for a multitude of benefits around the world. At Vishnu Yoga and Lifestyle, we provide yoga teacher training for the aspirants who wish to learn about yoga. We have yoga retreats in India and around the world; you can join a training program and get detailed knowledge.

How Is 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Beneficial?

To be trained as a yoga teacher, you can join a 200 hr yoga teacher training program. This distinctive program would help you in getting detailed knowledge of yoga, just like a yoga teacher. There are numerous advantages of joining yoga training course.

  • Comprehensive Knowledge:
  • Experienced Teachers:
  • Ideal Class Size
  • Yogic Environment

In this training program, you would learn about yoga and its benefits in detail. You would get the knowledge of the different branches of the yoga, pranayama, mantras chanting, sattvic diet and much more.

Apart from these advantages, you can learn about the authentic culture and traditions. Moreover, this course is open to all the aspirants who wish to be a yoga trainer. You can join 200 hour yoga training program at our yoga retreats in Abu Dhabi, UAE, India and around the World.

Vishnu Yoga And Lifestyle

We provide yoga training in some of the major disciplines such as hatha yoga, ashtanga vinyasa yoga and power yoga.

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