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yoga retreats around the world Regular group drooping Yoga classes is 50 DHS with package of 8 classes or 12 classes per month.

We ardently believe in the power of Yoga to transform the mind, spirit and the body. VISHNU YOGA is committed to creating a community of like-minded individuals interested in a holistic lifestyle. Our regular group Yoga classes are ideal for all students.

It hardly matters whether you are an experienced Yogi or a beginner, at VISHNU YOGA, we welcome you all. Our Yoga studio has an encouraging and supportive environment which helps you to connect to your spiritual self. Here are some of the Yoga classes we provide at our Yoga studio in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Regular Group Yoga Classes to suit Your needs

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is in great demand across UAE. It refers to a heated dynamic flow with an engaging breath while you connect to the Asanas.

Therapeutic Yoga

It refers to a variety of Asanas and meditation techniques through which you can improve your health condition. You would perform therapeutic Yoga under the supervision of our skilled trainers.

Asthanga Yoga

It refers to those Yoga Asanas where your breath would be synced with the exercises. In this form of Yoga, you would be guiding your energy through the contraction of muscles.

The types of Yoga mentioned above are just a few of our specialities. In case you want to know more, contact us at the earliest.

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