Yoga Retreat Colombia

Yoga Retreat Colombia

Colombia is a great destination to spend the summer vacation; it offers beaches, rich culture, and a variety exquisite food options. A yoga retreat makes the experience of Colombia even better. There is no where on earth where coffee tastes fresher than in Colombia. You get to taste exotic fruits and historical buildings that dates back centuries. There is also a lost city and lost people in Colombia. Bask in the pristine mountains and forests of Colombia with yoga retreats. A yoga retreat would help you take the mind away from the busy life of the city and allow you to focus on the holistic health. Meditation and yoga practices revitalize your body, mind, and soul, allowing you to have a new perspective of life and the best way to live it.

Benefits of Yoga for Holistic Health

Yoga can be traced back to ancient India thousands of years back. The effective of yoga poses and practices have been scientifically proven to have a positive impact on the body and mind. Yoga is helpful for people with chronic pain, such as headaches, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and arthritis. Yoga and medication are effective in reducing blood pressure and insomnia.  Apart from these, yoga benefits almost every disease and physical discomfort that human’s experience. A combination of yoga and Ayurveda medicine is claimed to even reduce and manage the symptoms of cancer and AIDS. Other physical benefits of practicing yoga includes muscle strength and tone, energy and vitality, flexibility, balanced metabolismcardio health, weight reduction, and much more.
Hence, why not choose yoga retreats in Colombia when you visit the next time. You will have a good time as well as better your health. We have tours and travel coupled with yoga practice, so you can enjoy your vacation while attending to your well-being.

You’ll Love Retreating With Us!

Colombia offers the perfect environment for a yoga retreat; the pristine mountains and nature makes it ideal location to practice yoga. The friendly locals and the exciting markets only add to the mix and make Colombia an interesting destination. The humid environment makes practicing yoga and meditation easy and comforting.

Why Vishnuyoga Retreat?

We offer the best location surrounded by mountains and trees, which creates the perfect environment for practicing yoga. Our yoga and meditation retreats are highly luxurious with customized facility to meet your every need. We do everything to make your stay with us as memorable as possible. Our yoga teachers are the top in the world and educated in the practices of yoga from Yogis and Gurus from India. We believe in practicing yoga with the nature and have the right outdoor spots that enhances the experience and the benefits of yoga. We are flexible, you choose anything you like or dislike, you can skip the yoga classes if you feel tired, private yoga classes, meet people from around the world, easy going environment, and a bit of adventure and fun.

Come Travel with us!

Visiting places in the midst of nature allows us to renew our strength, recharge our energies, open our minds and hearts to self-discovery and positive changes.

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