From Goa to Greece Via Scotland, Explore Best Yoga Retreats in the World

From Goa to Greece Via Scotland, Explore Best Yoga Retreats in the World

A yoga trip can change you change your life forever. To gain more strength, power, and inner peace yoga tour is now a necessary need for you. The daily life routine and the busy schedules to make money is becoming the first priority for the people. However, inner peace and a calm mind must be there beside of making bucks. If you have planned it out to explore the yoga retreats around the world, VishnuYoga is representing you a list of the best yoga retreats in the world. Explore the list.

  1. It’s Magical Place Goa (North India)

The beaches, nature, culture, and people that all matters when its all about yoga retreats. India is the guru and the mother capital of Yoga. So, if you are looking for the best yoga retreat around the globe, Goa will be one of the finest places you can visit.

  1. The Heaven Himalayas, India

No traffic no mobile signals no competition from others, just you and your inner peace. This is what you going to feel while practicing yoga at the Himalayas. The chilled and fresh air taking knocking your heart to breath more. If you want to spend some quality time with yoga this place is perfectly ideal for your needs. Visit the Himalayas to feel the real you and the real yoga.

  1. Argyll, Scotland

Sweet sunlight with the amazing sound of waterfalls is the next and one of the best destination for a yogic. If this is all about the best yoga retreat around the planet, don’t miss this place and feel the first rustic yoga retreat in life. Plus, you can find the best yogic food as well.

  1. Ionian inversions, Zakynthos, Greece

Yoga needs a calm place to do it better. The perfect environment of Greece is making it another top yoga retreat center in the world. There are so many additional things you can discover while doing yoga in Greece. The ideal conditions for yoga practice are the thing for a yogic to do it. Thus, you are welcome to Greece.

So, pack the bags now to learn or to explore more about yoga with these amazing yoga retreats in the world.


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